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Kim Hyun Joong's Interview for Hanako Magazine

  • 25 Feb 2012
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    An iconic flower boy of “Boys Over Flowers” and “Playful Kiss”,

    KIM HYUN JOONG has eventually made his debut in Japan!
    As artist and actor, the popularity of Kim Hyun Joong in all over Asia is outstanding as well as his career.  He has just started his full-scale activities in Japan.

    Kim Hyun Joong thinks of someone he loves while singing love songs

    According to the image of songs, he shows us different sides of himself.
    With dying his hair dark blonde and a slender figure, he looked like a matured man today, being tender and cool at the same time. 

    Q:  You have just started a full-scale promotion as artist in Japan. How do you feel now?

    KHJ:  Having heard that my CDs were sold out in some of the stores on the day of release, I was very very happy.  I would like to work harder to repay the love I receive from the fans.

    Q:  You are the No.1 artist in Korea in terms of both of popularity and career.  So, your debut attracted much attention in Japan.  Any pressure on you ?

    KHJ:  I have never thought of myself as No.1.  I just try to find fun in my work.   I will continue to practice so that I can deliver music which everyone can enjoy.  I’d rather enjoy live stage than being under pressure.  I have a slight concern about myself as I don’t feel any pressure at all. 

    * He talks with a gentle smile and a touch of natural dementia.  A real prince of a new generation.

    KHJ:   It seems that I have an image of gentle character thanks to the roles I took in dramas, but actually, I am mannifish in behavior.  Instead of spending time in a house, I prefer to play soccer outside. 

    * The debut single album is full of his various attractiveness.

    KHJ:  “Kiss Kiss is a friendly style song with easy choreography.  Everyone feels familiar with this song.  “Lucky Guy” has a playboy concept in one side.  The rhythm of Lucky Guy makes people feel an itch for moving their body.  So it is good to listen to in spring season.  Just warm your heart with Kiss Kiss in winter.

    * It is amazing that he easily talks in such a sweet manner. 

    Q:  What do you think of while singing love songs?

    KHJ:  I think of someone I love; it may be fans, or someone else.  Thanks to the experiences as actor, I can quickly control my feeling now. 

    *  He uttered a word full of meaning! 

    Five Keywords to know more about Kim Hyun Joong

    1/ Work:  As artist, I will pursue what I would like to do.  But as actor,
    I will show you what you expect me.  In the near future, I may be able to show a different image of myself, a much masculine style.

    2/ Dream:  Dream is motivation for me.  I don’t have a clear-cut image of the final goal, but it is my dream to create music or act together with fans.

    3/ Dogs:  I like dogs.  I can communicate with dogs.   I had my dogs perform “give hands” and “Bang” in front of the fans (* He talked about the Seoul Fan Meeting).   He performed very well; he may have felt as if he had risked his life^^

    4/ Japanese Language

    I take two-hour lesson twice every week.  Actually I understand 80% of Japanese.  The next time I visit Japan, I will speak in Japanese. 
    The word I recently learned are “desperate”, “ hard “, and “ Agepoyo ( a slang used among high school girls via mobile, which means “  highly lifted feeling, Excitement “.    (* Hyun Joong referred to this word, “agepoyo” in TV, triggering an explosion of laughter in the audience, a glimpse of his 4D ness^^)

    5/ Fans:  Inspite of a newcomer in Japan, the existence of fans makes me feel much confident.  I hope that they will continue to give love and support to me and my activities as singer and actor.


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